Does Sea Moss Gel Expire? Yes, it does. When you make a batch of Sea moss Gel using our dried Sea Moss you’ll typically get from 2 to 3 weeks out of your gel, from a shelf life perspective. As a natural product made from organic matter (seaweed, a marine vegetable) it is going to deteriorate over time. Let’s take a look at how you can help keep your Sea Moss Gel fresher for longer.

Why Does Sea Moss Gel Expire?

Being made from dried seaweed, if you are only using Sea Moss that you have soaked in fresh water (or cooked) before blending, you’ll get a limited life out of it. You could add chemicals to preserve it, and some companies do this to keep their gel usable for longer. We would rather you could make you own gel so you know exactly what goes in to it.

Keeping your Sea Moss Gel fresher for longer is dependent upon a range of factors. Some of these you’ve got complete control over. They are really simple things like; is your Sea Moss Gel:

  • Refrigerated
  • Stored in a clean, sealed jar or container
  • Taken out of the jar or container with clean utensils
  • Not exposed to cross-contamination while being stored or used
  • Not exposed to curious dipping fingers or other things, and
  • Anything else that would be reasonably expected to cause a food product to go bad sooner than it otherwise should

When made from a fresh batch of dried Sea Moss, you can expect to get the full value from one batch of gel to the next. This is provided you treat your gel like any other perishable food. After all, it’s made from a natural, living thing, and it will degrade with time, like any other vegetable.

Does Dried Sea Moss Expire?

Yes, dried Sea Moss will expire. Our dried Sea Moss expires normally after about one year, if the packet hasn’t been opened. We ensure that our Team follow strict health and food handling protocols from the harvesting stages through to preparing your Sea Moss.

We take all of the steps you would expect us to, like wearing hair nets, gloves and face covers. We work in sterile environments that are food grade, and we ensure that your Sea Moss is packaged in new bags, which are sealed to ensure the quality.

Once you’ve broken the seal, you should be able to get around 3 months shelf life, depending upon how you are storing your dried Sea Moss. Storing your dried Sea Moss in a damp and warm place will guarantee that it will deteriorate quickly. So choose somewhere cool and dry.

Providing High Quality Sea Moss

Behind the scenes, we work with our Farmers to plan the harvest of your Sea Moss during the best times of the year. It is carefully sun dried it to help preserve the goodness for the longest time possible. We make sure that our Sea Moss is free from impurities and as clean as nature can allow it to be.

We have our Sea Moss dried in the sun to a range of moisture content levels. Typically this is between 10% moisture content for the drier Sea Moss, and 35% moisture content for the wetter Sea Moss. The moisture content can play a big part in the length of the shelf life. The wetter the Sea Moss is when it is packaged, typically the shorter the shelf life.

The other factor to consider with the shelf life, or when your Sea Moss will expire is dependent on how you handle it once you have opened it. If you only take out what you need, and don’t handle the rest too much, you’ll keep it fresher for longer. The more you handle it and put it back in the bag, the shorter its life will be.

When it comes to prolonging the life of your Sea Moss gel, the tips listed in this article will help. But, remember, the answer to the question ‘Does Sea Moss Gel Expire?’ in the end is a very clear yes.


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